Established for over 20 years
I have operated my accountancy business for more than 20 years and have over 70 clients including individuals, high street retailers, professionals, partnerships and limited companies. I will always do my best to provide my clients with a personal and prompt service. All of my clients benefit from co-operating with me to ensure that HMRC deadlines including VAT and also Companies' House ones are met in good time.


Improve Your Business
If you have decided that you want to improve your business you are welcome to contact me for an initial consultation to discuss how best to make a start.

My client list contains around 20 limited companies of various sizes. If you wish to form a limited company I can provide advice on how to go about this and whether or not it would be appropriate for your business.

I deal with payroll for clients with limited companies and also for self employed persons and individuals who are required to complete Self Assessment Tax Returns. This includes property companies and buy to let.

Corporation Tax, dividend payments and Capital Gains Tax are all catered for.


Get Help and Advice
If you need help with your tax return and/or your year end accounts you are welcome to Contact Me for a FREE consultation to discuss how best to get this tiresome obligation dealt with. You can then concentrate on running YOUR business.

One of the biggest problems with being self employed is putting money aside for your tax bill, usually requiring payments to be made to the HMRC by 31 January and again by 31 July. Only the most disciplined people will put aside the necessary amount each month.

Nevertheless, it is a fact of life that you will have some tax to pay following completion of your Self Assessment Tax Return whether by the first deadline (31 October) or the final deadline of 31 January (to avoid the £100 fine and possible 5% surcharge).


There are three services I offer in respect of tax liability:

  1. I estimate your tax liability and then check HMRC's calculation.
  2. Pursuing claims for overcharging or other disputed amounts.
  3. I will give you a rough idea of what you can expect your tax bill to be and more importantly, advise and explain why you should expect to pay underpaid tax for the previous year if your profit for the current year has increased, or when you can expect a reduction in your tax bill if your profit for the current year has decreased.


Reduce Financial Stress and Worry
In my experience, clients often have an unpleasant surprise when they receive their tax bill. This can be very stressful and frustrating and unfortunately sometimes intimidating. Most or all of this can be avoided by being fully prepared beforehand. HMRC have done much to streamline the Self Assessment Tax Return system but in my opinion very little in the way of explanation to the individual self employed taxpayer.

Although perhaps stating the obvious, the people who design and operate the systems at HMRC are themselves not self employed, probably never have been, nor never will be. This means that they can not empathise with the people they are dealing with. They probably also resent the fact that their tax is stopped immediately every month.

My hourly rate is very competitive and I can be contacted as shown on the Contact Me page with no obligation whatsoever.


Starting a new business (advice)

New businesses appear regularly in Thornbury and elsewhere and whilst some succeed, I would say that most don't and are very short lived. This is very worrying for the person or persons who have invested their money in the project. They may have been encouraged by friends, family or even the bank, to borrow money to start the business. The business may be ill conceived, not market researched appropriately, or not at all.

The end result could be an early close down which is not only disheartening and disappointing, but leaves behind a liability in the form of loan, or simply a depletion of capital. If you are starting a new business, why not talk to me first? I am prepared to offer a free consultation to help you decide if the new business idea is viable, or worth the the risk involved.


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